• The Department plays a vital role in the area of fire fighting and fire prevention. Properties worth crores of rupees are saved every year from the ravages of fire and hundreds of people rescued from fires. Apart from fire fighting, the department also undertakes rescue operations and saves hundreds of people, marooned in floods, trapped in the debris of fallen buildings, road and rail accidents and other natural and man-made disasters.
  • The department renders advice on observing fire safety measures and methods to implement them. Inspection of various premises to ensure that they conform to regulations in various Acts and Rules for ensuring fire safety.
  • The department is conducting awareness programmes on fire prevention and fire safety in all the hazardous premises and propagating fire prevention measures to the rural and urban population so that the risk by fire is minimized.
  • The Department has 160 fire fighting vehicles and appliances stationed at 48 Fire Stations spread over all the 08 districts of the State. All the Fire Stations respond to fire and emergency calls promptly at free of cost.
  • Fire vehicles and appliances are utilized for making standby arrangements during VVIP visits, fairs, festivals and exhibition.