• Minimum 2 exit doors of 1.5 meters width for each class room.
  • Minimum 2 separate staircases of 1.5 meters width for each floor.
  • 2 no's 5kg dry powder extinguishers for laboratory and 2 no's for gas bank, 2 no's of 9 liters water type extinguishers for every 600 sq meters area with minimum 4 no's in each floor, one 4.5 kg co2 extinguisher for electrical mains.
  • Hose Reel,Wet Riser,Down Comer, Yard Hydrant, Automatic Sprinklers, Fire Alarm, Water Storage Tank, Fire Pumps as per requirement and advice of fire department
  • Emergency lighting with battery backup for 1.5 hours in corridors and staircases.
  • Evacuation drill to be conducted in each term.
  • Training in first aid fire fighting and emergency procedures to all staff.
  • Cooking should be done in segregated safe place away from class rooms.
  • Portable fire extinguisher and dry sand buckets should be provided at a travel distance of every 22.5 meters.
  • Underground/Overhead tank water storage tanks exclusively for fire fighting should be provided.
  • School emergency plan should be made in consultation with local fire station.
  • Good housekeeping should be ensured.